Queensland Theatre Black Diggers Educational Resource | History
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The below are links to some additional information about the contribution of Aboriginal soldiers in World War One. The links are third party organisations and have no official affiliations with this website.


The Black Diggers simulcast and resources were generously supported by the State Library of Queensland, through the Queensland ANZAC Centenary Fund. The State Library of Queensland have thoroughly documented the shared history of the ANZAC movement for all Queenslanders. Visit http://qanzac100.slq.qld.gov.au/ for more information and resources.


Timeline: Australia in the first World War, 1914-1918 | Australian War Memorial


Indigenous Australians at War


The Australian Home Front during WW1


Rights of Indigenous Australians


1917 Referendum


1948 Nationality and Citizens Act


Australian citizenship: a chronology of major developments in policy and law