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Black Diggers Educational Resource

Welcome to the online Education Resource to supplement the Queensland Theatre production of Black Diggers by Tom Wright. The play focuses on the contribution of World War One Aboriginal Diggers, following their exceptional stories from Australia to the battlefields of Europe and the Middle East.


This resource is designed to explore many of the themes of the performance and can be used to create stimulated discussion. The resource includes excerpts from the performance and interviews with key creatives exploring the process of making this award winning theatrical work. This is an online resource that is aimed to support teachers in creating class activities and resources not only in Drama but across English and SOSE (History).


You can register and download the interactive PDF below.

Education Resource Request Form

This PDF Education Resource includes experiences, activities and worksheets, as well as ideas for assessment items across the Drama, English and SOSE (History) syllabus. Please note, that whilst certain activities have been classified under certain subject areas or labelled as ‘cross-curricular’, there is no restriction or stipulation as to how they are used. Feel free to pull these resources apart and tweak or change anything included within to best suit your class and your subject area.

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The creation of Black Diggers was made possible with the generous support from the following organisations, companies and people.